What is Meth?

Methamphetamine is a powerfully addictive and illegal stimulant known on the street as "Meth," "Speed," "Crank," "Chalk," "Fire," "Glass," "Ice," "Tweak," "Uppers" "Yaba" and other names. Whatever it's called, none of the names tell you what it really does.

Meth is different. People who use it can get hooked after just their first try, and once a person is addicted it's extremely difficult to get off the drug. The ingredients used to make meth include toxic chemicals that do permanent injury to the body. Meth doesn't affect just the user, it also impacts the user's family and society as a whole.

This is one drug capable of destroying lives, families and communities.

We're talking about lasting destruction, including irreversible and serious damage to the body, parents in jail and kids in foster homes, and serious environmental damage from toxic chemicals in communities where meth is made.