Meth's Effects on Children

Not only does meth have negative, long-lasting effects on users, it also has destructive impacts on everyone around it. Tennessee's children are falling victim to this horrible epidemic every day.

Abuse and unimaginable neglect are common, and the physical health of children who live in homes where meth is made is especially at risk. They breathe in toxic fumes by just playing on the floor or in a yard where poisonous wastes are dumped.

Forty percent of child welfare officials surveyed report that methamphetamine has led to an increase in the number of children removed from homes.

– National Association of Counties survey polling 500 sheriffs' departments in 45 states.


"It makes you so cold and ruthless. I love my children with all my heart, but at the time I never thought about them."

– Recovering addict, Putnam County, TN


"You see people–good people–people that were good parents at one time, people that genuinely loved their children, and they give everything up for the drug."

– Betsy Dunn, Tennessee Department of Children's Services


For more information on the dangerous chemicals found in a meth lab, visit the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation website.