"Shake-and-Bake" Method

Originally, the process of making meth required an elaborate lab with open flames, flammable liquids and large quantities of pseudoephedrine. Meth is now being made through the “shake-and-bake” method, also commonly known as the “one-pot” method, which is faster, cheaper and much simpler.

As a result of the “shake-and-bake”/“one-pot” methods, batches of meth are much smaller but just as dangerous as the old process, sometimes producing explosions with damage that must be handled like toxic waste. This new method requires combining pseudoephedrine with common household chemicals and then shaking the mixture in a soda bottle. No flame is required.

The “shake-and-bake” method does away with the typical meth lab, turning the back seat of a car or a public bathroom stall into a temporary meth lab. Some users have even been caught making meth while driving.