The Meth-Free Tennessee Act went into effect in 2005, requiring pharmacies to move cold and sinus products containing pseudoephedrine, the key ingredient in meth, behind the counter. Retailers without pharmacies had to remove the products from their shelves and stop selling them.

Despite this act, people continue to find ways to obtain the ingredients to make meth. Smurfing is the street term meth makers are using to describe shopping from store to store, buying small quantities of pseudoephedrine until they have enough to manufacture meth.

Tennessee is in the process of implementing legislation to stiffen penalties for smurfing, and to implement a statewide, electronic tracking system that will log every single purchase of medications containing pseudoephedrine. That means Tennessee’s law enforcement community has more resources on hand than ever for tracking would-be smurfers. If you buy pseudoephedrine, law enforcement will know exactly when, where and how much … even if you make some of those purchases in another state.