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New TN meth law adds protections of children, further restricts ingredient sales

A new law targeting the production of methamphetamine and striving for better protection of children goes into effect July 1.

Haslam to sign bill Monday to crack down on meth production

Republican Governor Bill Haslam will be back in East Tennessee Monday to sign a bill into law to try to ...

TN pseudoephedrine sales go to database

Gov. Bill Haslam on Tuesday signed into law a bill requiring drug stores to begin reporting sales of pseudoephedrine ...

Meth monster is back with a vengeance

Methamphetamine is the most dangerous, addictive and destructive drug I have ever encountered.With more than 2,000 meth lab seizures ...

Two charged after meth lab found in Carter

Law enforcement officers who were attempting to arrest a man on outstanding drug charges were able to add some new ...

Tenn. Overtakes Mo. In Meth Lab Seizures, Busts

Data from state officials shows Tennessee has surpassed Missouri in the number of meth lab busts and seizures for the ...

Authorities Say Kids In Car While Meth Cooked

Two children not even old enough to go to preschool faced a potentially dangerous lesson in Rutherford County. They were ...